Precautions Of Hair Transplantation

hairThere are plenty of treatments in the world for removing alopecia from the scalp. All of them are not effective. As the problem is embarrassing and sensitive, so people make a hurry to do this treatment or a surgery in the scalp. But people should be aware of the surgery and should maintain some precautions about the surgery. In this case, it will be helpful for the patients to get the finest result of the treatments.

Expectation and recovery of the hair transplantation

It is needed to know the total procedure of the transplantation. People should consult with some specialists about the procedure and the result of the operations. The expectations should be limited. The higher expectation can harm mentally. The patients should discuss with the specialists about the recovery of the transplantation.

Have an idea about the procedure

The patients should be concentrated on the procedure of the hair transplantation. The risky zone and things should be known by the patients. Besides, the patients should be aware of the using tools of the operations. In this case, the doctors can provide right idea. Besides, the doctors should be experienced and skillful. In this case, most of the doctors are not expert and experienced. So, the patients should take an overview of the doctor before generating operation. Moreover, the operation is very risky. So, it is highly needed to choose an experienced and expert doctor for generating the operation.

Safety of the hair transplantation

As the scalp is the most sensitive part of human body, so the patient and the guardian should be conscious of the safety of the operation. Any uncertain occurrence can damage the whole life of the patient. So, it is needed to take an overview of the procedure of the operation, using tools of the operation and the skill of the doctor.

Side effects of the operation

The patients should be aware of the side effects of the treatment. In this case, the patients can get a nice solution from an expert. When a doctor thinks you are free from risk, you can take the decision for surgery. If the patients have scurvy problems, patient should take consultant from the doctor. If one medication is being run, the another medication can make friction with each other. So, the people should not take two medications at a same time. If the operation is needed, you must consult a doctor about the alternating treatment.

Pregnant should not take this operation

At the time of pregnancy women have to lose plenty of bloods from their bodies. At that time, a woman has to face various calamities. So, it is better to avoid any kind of surgical operation on the scalp. It can enhance the mental pressure on her.

Aware of the expense

The patient should be concentrated about the expenses of the surgery. Normally, this type of hair transplantation requires plenty of money. So, the patients should be careful about the costs of the operation.

Oils For Hair Increment

coconut oilNatural for the hair growth and to reduce the Alopecia or hair loss is a vital problem at this moment. Some oils can be more helpful for reducing the hair loss problem or recover the alopecia problem. Various natural resources are found near us and these natural resources can be more effective to overcome the baldness problem. Coconut oil, oyster oil, castor hair oil and argan oil can be more effective. Besides, sea same hair oil is very useful for the better growth of hair.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is more effective than any other oil. Regular use of coconut oil retains your shiny hair. But it is tough to find the pure and refined coconut oil from the market. In this case, people can generate oil from the coconut by themselves. After generating it is needed to refine the oil properly. Otherwise, the polluted things in the oil can hamper the hair. Sometimes, it can cause baldness problem or alopecia. Furthermore, people should not purchase coconut oil from the local market. People can purchase the oil from the reputed dealer or brand. People should use coconut oil before taking bath. At first the oil should be boiled with little water. Then the oil should be massaged on the scalp for half an hour. After using oil in the hair people should clarify the hair with conditioner and shampoo. But people should be aware of the soap. The soap should not be used in the hair. It can make our hair rough and tough. People will start to find the result after using one month.

Olive oil

The necessity of the olive oil can’t be described in a single word. The olive oil should be boiled with water and the boiled oil should be massaged on the scalp. It makes our scalp and it keeps our head cool. It is highly needed for the healthy and strong hair. Olive oil is full of protein and vitamin B which are needed for the better scalp. The continuous use of olive oil in the scalp can reduce the hair loss problem. But it is very important to find the purified and secured olive oil.

Oyster oil

Oyster is also found in various foods and fruits. The oyster oil is very necessary for the scalp. It makes our body awesome. But oyster oil is not available. This oil is cool too. The oil can keep our head strong and cool. The oil should be boiled before massaging. The people should massage their body with oyster oil. It provides a extra shiny mode to the hair. The oil should be used before using nothing.

Argan oil

Argan oil is not familiar to all of the world. But the oil should be refined before taking bath. Argan Oil is full of vitamin and protein. The oil should be used before taking shower and the massaged oil should be kept in the scalp.

Sea same oil

Sea same oil can also be used for the decrement of baldness  or alopecia problem.

Guide to Alopecia

alopeciaAlopecia areata is a kind if hair loss disease that hits the human body when the immune system attacks the hair follicles by mistake, in the area where the hair growth takes place. However, the damage cause to the hair follicles is not permanent in nature. But it is still a mystery to the hair experts as to why the immune system behaves so strangely and launches attacks on the hair follicles. Opposed to popular myth that Alopecia areata affects only the people who are less than 20 years of age, but anyone can suffer from this disease, be it an adult or a child. Also, both the genders are affected equally from this hair loss problem.

When Alopecia Areata Hits

During the period when the body is suffering from Alopecia areata, the disease takes root when clusters of hair start falling which leaves completely smooth and round patches sans hair on the face of the scalp. In many a cases, the hair starts becoming thinner with each passing day without the appearance of round hairless patches on the head. There are also cases where the hair grows and breaks off from the middle, leaving behind a trail of shot stubs or exclamation points hair. In some extreme cases, there is a complete loss of hair from the body as well as scalp. However, the hair loss keeps on starting and ending as the hair grows back on a hairless patch after a few months while leaving another smooth hairless patch in compensation.

When Alopecia areata is building hair loss patches, the hair grows back after sometime. Although. This does not mean that the new hair is all smooth and silky but it is of the same texture and color as the hair on the rest of the scalp while at times the new hair growth consists of fine white hair as well.

It is also a fact that one-tenth of people suffering from Alopecia areata might lose their ability for hair re-growth altogether. Some symptoms of having permanent hair loss are as follows:

  • When the person is having the condition as a hereditary disease.
  • When the person had collided with the condition at a tender age, much before puberty or had a more than a year long association with the hair loss problem.
  • The person has some other auto-immune disease.
  • When the person is prone to some other allergies.
  • When the person has fingernails or toenails of unusual shape, color, thickness or texture. In some cases, the toenails and fingernails become scarred and look like as if the dents have been made with some sort of pin.

Since hair is a main aspect of anyone’s appearance, hair loss can leave anyone and everyone feeling less than attractive. People who have encountered the problem of hair loss once are more likely to have more similar episodes with the hair fall issue. Although, there has been no cure found for this hair loss disease but there are surely ways in which the Alopecia areata can be treated.